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Our services include:

The Firm will prepare all legal business documents for the license application

MMJ licensing & start-ups

The Firm will analyze your personal situation with the great care

Medical marijuana cards

The Firm will assist building your project with all legal needs taken into consideration

MMJ project design & security

The Firm will make sure your documents and business are in full compliance with the law

MMJ project legal compliance

The Firm will litigate any issue related to your medical marijuana business

Cannabis business litigation

The Firm will assist you in sustaining and developing in the market by involving the best legal professionals

Cannabis legal network

The Law Firm

What Makes GreenSpectrum Unique?

If you are an entrepreneur who recognizes the need and wants to participate in building the medical marijuana industry, GreenSpectrum, P.A. is at your service.  Whether you are interested in obtaining a license to grow, process, test or distribute medical marijuana, GreenSpectrum’s job is to help you reach the objectives in a safe, legal, and compliant way.

GreenSpectrum is at the cutting edge of the emerging Florida Medical Marijuana industry. The law firm is experienced in international and domestic medical marijuana businesses. Stanislav A Shamayev, Esq. was invited and provided legal and business advice and consultancy to the Belize and Guyana governmental officials.  He also worked with Florida legislators on the current medical marijuana regulations.  GreenSpectrum is deeply involved in local and statewide political life in Florida, making sure the interests of all parties involved are taken into account.

Stanislav A Shamayev, Esq. has experience in providing legal and business consultancy to the Belize and Guyana governments.

International Experience

GreenSpectrum is constantly building and expanding the network and legal professionals within cannabis industry. The network allows our clients' projects sustain and succeed on the market.

GreenSpectrum Network

The Firm narrowly specializes in medical marijuana business law.

GreenSpectrum Specialization

GreenSpectrum provides wide range of services necessary for successful development and operation of your cannabusiness.

Complex Approach

GreenSpectrum Contact

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Marijuana is still illegal under the Federal Law. The Law Firm will only provide legal advice on the issues relating to the existing and potential Florida medical marijuana laws.

The website has been designed for educational purposes. The website neither provides legal advice nor forms an attorney-client relationship.

Website visitors should neither act nor rely on the information provided on the website. Please contact the Law Firm to set an appointment.

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