Cannabis Caucus in Miami Beach

Cannabis Caucus in Miami Beach

Cannabis Caucus in Miami Beach.

Cannabis caucus was held in Miami Beach on October 13, 2016.  National Cannabis Industry Association, NCIA, organizes medical marijuana caucuses around the states to support the change in the Federal legislative body of laws.  This time, the event took place in Florida.  GreenSpectrum’s Medical Marijuana Business Attorney, Stanislav Shamayev, also attended the event.


Michael Correia, Director of Government Relations at NCIA, delivered the presentation on the topic of “Federal Policy Update & Organizational Outlook.”  He talked about DEA’s reluctance to de-schedule from or re-schedule medical marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act.  Medical marijuana is still scheduled I in the Act, which means the Government deems the drug being with high potential for abuse and no known medical applications.  Michael is the only member of NCIA who resides in Washington DC for the sole purpose of educating the Congressmen on the change of the medical marijuana policies.  He invited everyone in Washinton DC on May 17-19, 2017, when hundreds of people will be attending the Congress addressing the need to change the Federal policies.


Eric Stevens, Campaign Finance Director at United for Care, was the next speaker.  He addressed the situation surrounding “Yes on 2” campaign.   Floridians will be voting on November 8, 2016, whether there will be statewide medical marijuana regulations.  The latest polls show 77% support of the new laws among the Floridians.  All supporters anticipate the win.  The win based on the compassion.


Jay Czarkowski, Founding Partner at Canna Advisors, talked last.  He shared his own experience in the industry.  He was the first entrepreneur in 2009, who opened the first medical marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado.


Big thanks to Brian Gilbert who organized and hosted the Cannabis Caucus in Miami Beach.


Stanislav A Shamayev, Esq.

International Forum in Broward County Welcomes Cannabis Attorney

International Forum in Broward County Welcomes Cannabis Attorney

Cannabis Attorney From Miami Will Be Representing the Law Firm at the International Forum.

Cannabis attorney from Miami, Stanislav Shamayev, has been designated as the featured speaker to speak on the topic of medical marijuana at Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE).  This annual event is the biggest event of this nature in Broward County.  The event will take place on October 19-20, 2016, at Broward County convention center.  This year, FITCE welcomes over 150 international businesses, 350 local businesses, multi-cultural global trade representatives from over 30 countries, and government leaders from around the globe.  Many countries will be represented by the cabinet ministers at the event.


Stanislav Shamayev, Esq. will be presenting a seminar addressing legal, ethical, economic and other issues relating to medical marijuana in Florida and globally.  The invitation to this event again shows the recognition of the law Firm’s  international experience and expertise.

Medical Cannabis in Florida

Medical Cannabis in Florida

Medical Cannabis In Florida Paves Its Way

Medical Cannabis in Florida moves slowly but surely.  The first medical marijuana dispensary opened up in Tallahassee.  Trulieve is the company that started rooting in the Florida medicalTrulieve Stanislav Shamayev marijuana industry first.  Trulieve possesses one of the six (at the moment) licenses Florida awarded in November of 2015.  The company opened up the second location in Clearwater and according to their website is planning to open at least 6 more all over Florida, including Miami.  GreenSpectrum could not miss the opportunity to visit the first dispensary.  Luckily, the pure intention is always justified and Stanislav Shamayev, the Firm’s medical marijuana lawyer, was allowed inside to explore and look around.  The Trulieve’s employee was kind enough to permit taking pictures around including a selfie with himself.  Very exciting experience for someone who is passionate about the industry.

Stanislav also stopped by the Florida Department of Health.  This Department will be responsible for drafting the laws to regulate the medical cannabis industry in Florida.Department of health Stanislav Shamayev  According to the Amendment 2 language, this will have to happen before July of 2017.  This will open the window for submission of licensing applications.  GreenSpectrum is preparing its clients to enter this exciting industry by providing all legal and business work necessary to drastically increase the likelihood of having the applications approved.  Anyone who is more or less serious about becoming a part of this industry should start preparing for the application process right after the referendum in November, as this is a very time-consuming activity.  It will require numerous legal and business documents to be created, drafted, and compiled in the proper manner.

Medical Marijuana Lawyer Speaks in Weston

Medical Marijuana Lawyer Speaks in Weston

Medical Marijuana Lawyer Delivers Speech in Weston, Florida, Addressing Cannabis Issues.

Medical marijuana lawyer, Stanislav Shamayev, continues the educational effort to bring education about the legal cannabis industry that starts snowballing in Florida.  On September 9,Stanislav Shamayev, medical cannabis attorney 2016, Stanislav was invited to the community business lunch where he was speaking on the topic.  He generally addressed what the industry is about, its benefits and shortcomings.  Although Weston is quite conservative and family oriented community, the crowd cheered to the Stanislav’s speech and gave 100% support to the regulated cannabis industry in Florida.

Weston is one out of many examples of the change in the attitude in Florida and nationwide.  At this point, the support of the medical marijuana use is over 60% nationwide whereas about 10 years ago the numbers were 10% lower.  GreenSpectrum will continue the educational push for the community, government, and investors.

Miami-Dade Medical Marijuana Financial Report Approved

Miami-Dade Medical Marijuana Financial Report Approved

Miami-Dade Medical Marijuana Businesses Will Be Thriving

    Miami-Dade County is at the cutting edge of the medical marijuana industry in Florida.  On September 8, 2016,  Stanislav A Shamayev, Esq., attended the Miami-Dade County Commissioners’ meeting to participate in the discussion of the medical marijuana financial impact on Miami-Dade and South Florida.  Two years ago, in 2014, in anticipation of the referendum to regulate the medical marijuana businesses,  the County undertook the task to analyze the net worth of the Florida medical marijuana industry.

   Because the medical marijuana initiative fell 2% short of passage. The report was in the limbo.  However, just months before another referendum is held, the County sped up the process of the data analysis and ultimately released the report.  In short, the government estimated the potential sales of the medical marijuana under the currently limited legislation in Florida to be  $785 million.  As of September of 2016, there are about 300,000 potential patients that qualify for medical marijuana as they have cancer, epilepsy, chronic muscle spasms or are terminally ill.  Out of those 300,000 patients, 42,000 live in Miami-Dade County which is roughly 13% of the potential market.  About 100,000 potential patients live in South Florida which amounts to 33% of the Florida pool.   The government estimated that the realistic financial impact for Miami-Dade is about $62 million annually.

   Expectedly, the report was approved which now provides for solid numbers to the investors.  GreenSpectrum is deeply involved  in the political movements to bring a positive change to the Florida medical marijuana laws.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Miami is a Possibility

Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Miami is a Possibility

Medical Marijuana Dispensary in North Miami Beach

Medical Marijuana Dispensary can be opened in North Miami Beach sometime after theMedical marijuana lawyer, Stanislav Shamayev referendum in November of 2016.  GreenSpectrum’s medical marijuana business lawyer, Stanislav A Shamayev, and process engineer, Kristina Navumenka, attended the Russian-American Chamber event in Hallandale Beach on September 12, 2016.   The event was attended by local authorities, candidates for office positions, and the general public.

George Vallejo, the mayor of North Miami Beach, was also present at the event.  Stanislav introduced himself to Mr. Vallejo and explained what kind of industry his law firm was involved into.  The conversation was very honest nad open.  Stanislav asked the mayor whether the city was supportive of the idea to open up a medical marijuana dispensary in North Miami Beach.  He explained that a dispensary would be very beneficial for the local people, tourists, and snowbirds, as many potential patients live in the city and are in need of the natural medicine.  Mr. Vallejo turned out to be a progressive politician.

Mr. Vallejo turned out to be a progressive politician.  He expressed his opinion on the industry and informed Stanislav that the city commissioners will have to adopt a local ordinance first that will provide zoning and regulatory requirements.  The mayor promised to hold such meeting and discussion soon.

GreenSpectrum supports regulated medical marijuana industry in Florida, so 700,000 patients could have alternative medicine to the conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

GreenSpectrum Business Trip to Colorado to Learn From Best

GreenSpectrum Business Trip to Colorado to Learn From Best

Medical Marijuana Attorney From Miami Visits Colorado

    Medical marijuana attorney is not complete without visiting a State where marijuana is legalized and regulated.  Colorado is one of the first states that legalized and regulated adult use marijuana.  Colorado marijuana industry is well regulated and developed.  That is why in August of 2016, Stanislav A Shamayev visited the great State of Colorado to learn from best.  First, he stopped by the local dispensary in Denver called StarBuds to talk to the budtenders about legal implications of regulating the industry.


Stanislav then went to visit the local growers who have been growing marijuana for years and accumulated valuable experience and developed their own techniques.  In Aspen, Stanislav visited the growing facility.  A vegetative room contained small plants in the growing stage under LED lights.  However, outdoor and indoor adult plants were grown on the commercial scale.



The growers shared their knowledge and expertise with Stanislav.  They also offered their services to help the law firm to consult the clients in Florida.  There is no one way to grow marijuana but there are ways that are more efficient than others.  GreenSpectrum advocates for the highest standards in the industry

GreenSpectrum advocates for the highest standards in the industry and as such provides the high standard services to the clients willing to grow the industry and be a big part of it.

Florida Medical Marijuana Business Lawyer Receives Florida Bar CLE

Florida Medical Marijuana Business Lawyer Receives Florida Bar CLE

Florida Medical Marijuana Business Lawyer is Now Certified

Florida medical marijuana business lawyer is a term that is not spread in the State.  That is because medical marijuana business laws are very limited in Florida.  There are only handful of diseases for which medical cannabis can be used.  They are cancer, chronic muscle spasm, and epilepsy.  There is one more wrinkle on it: only low THC and high CDB medical marijuana can be used for these qualifying conditions.  Full force cannabis can be sold only to the terminally ill patients who have less than a year of life left.

Nevertheless, the Amendment 2 initiative put on the November ballot will drastically change the laws and industry overall in Florida.  It will expand the industry and allow many businesses to come.  That is why it is important to keep up with the legal thought behind the future regulations which Florida Health Department will draft.

Stanislav A Shamayev, a medical marijuana business lawyer, has attended the seminar Florida bar approved for continuing legal education credits.  The seminar was devoted to medical marijuana laws and regulations in Florida.  The knowledge acquired at the seminar brings even more value to the expertise of GreenSpectrum.

Medical Marijuana Business Expo: Oakland, CA, 2016

Medical Marijuana Business Expo: Oakland, CA, 2016

Medical Marijuana Industry Business Expo: Stanislav Shamayev, Esq. is Present

    Medical marijuana industry never stops developing.  That is why Stanislav A Shamayev attended the expo and convention in Oakland, California.  The event was held on June 19-21, 2016.

Stanislav Shamayev in Oakland, California

    As always, the event attracted hundreds of businesses involved in the legal marijuana industry.  In comparison to the similar event in Orlando, Florida, this event was not as organized and professional.  Such a difference can be easily explained by the notion that medical marijuana laws in California are a big mess.  It is said that California is a wild, wild west in that respect as well.  That is the main reason why California finally decided to impose uniform regulations across the state and put those regulations on the ballot for people to vote.

    California at this point is #1 medical marijuana industry in the US.  It will likely continue to hold this status after the referendum and, moreover, even expand the sales.  Being the sixth economy in the world, California is looking to go up in the ranking after properly regulating its legal marijuana market.

    Mr. Shamayev has already helped businesses in California to start up, sustain, and be fully operational.  At this point of time, the Law Firm prepares its clients for Florida medical marijuana market.

Cannabis Globally: Stanislav Shamayev in Guyana #2

Cannabis Globally: Stanislav Shamayev in Guyana #2

Cannabis Laws And Regulations Globally: Guyana Industrial Hemp

    Cannabis laws and regulations can be complex and confusing.  For that reason, the Guyanese government sanctioned one more event in Georgetown to receive some knowledge in the area of industrial hemp.  Stanislav A Shamayev was invited to pass on his expertise on this topic.  On June 10-13, 2016, the first national convention was held in Guyana’s capital.  The event attracted over 200 people.  Politicians, ministers, local authorities, lobby groups, businessmen, and members of the public attended this unique event.

Guyana national hemp convention

Stanislav was the featured speaker and addressed the legal and business side of the industrial hemp industry.   The main issue was the confusion among the general public on the difference between medical marijuana and hemp.  After talking to locals, Stanislav managed to create a great comparison using mango as an example.  In Guyana, there are over a dozen of sorts of mangos.  Just like various sorts of mangos used for different purposes, same way medical marijuana and industrial hemp, although in the same plant family, have different applications.

Stanislav A Shamayev delivers speech in Guyana on cannabis

Stanislav explained that industrial hemp can be used in so many ways starting with the cooking oil and finishing with hemp plastic and cement.  However, cannabis laws and regulations should be promulgated in order to run the industry smoothly.  The convention was an absolute success.  Next day, the local newspaper released an article describing this event.

Stanislav A Shamayev in the Guyanese newspaper; cannabis

Also, Stanislav attended two radio shows with educational workshops on the issue of cannabis laws and regulations.  Another local newspaper interviewed him as well.  The Guyanese people were very interested in the topic, as they understood the financial benefits for the country such as new jobs, better pay, better infrastructure, foreign investments and more.

Stanislav A Shamayev is on a radio show in Guyana

GreenSpectrum advocates for heavy regulations on the cannabis industry, be it medical marijuana or industrial hemp.  The reason for that is because the community, government, and investors should all feel safe.  Such harmony can be reached only through tough laws and regulations.

Medical Marijuana Globally: Stanislav Shamayev, Esq. in Guyana

Medical Marijuana Globally: Stanislav Shamayev, Esq. in Guyana

Medical Marijuana Business Lawyer Expands His Influence in South America

    Medical marijuana business lawyer, Stanislav A Shamayev, was invited to the government-sanctioned event in Guyana held on May 12-15, 2016.  Guyana, although located  in South America, is considered a Carribean country.  People in Guyana speak English and culturally are close to the western world.  The government has realized the need to get some professional knowledge in the field of medical marijuana,  as this industry may potentially bring millions to the Guyanese budget.

    Some members of the government have learned about the success Stanislav A Shamayev had in Belize through their channels.  As such, Stanislav was invited to provide business and legal advice to the Guyanese officials and educate the public on the issues involved in the medical marijuana business laws. Stanislav had the honor to meet and converse with Guyanese prime minister, among others, who recognized the need for a legal change in the country.

Medical Marijuana business lawyer in Guyana
Guyanese prime minister to the left

    At the city hall meeting, Stanislav met with the local Rastafarian group that had been pushing for regulation of medical marijuana for the past years.  He advised the group members on rebranding their political campaign and designed the approach to make the campaign more efficient.

Stanislav Shamayev in Guyana
With Rastafarian member

    The local TV Channel invited Stanislav to speak on the air about the issues the society would face when medical marijuana industry goes in full force.  He talked about stigma many people have, the financial and social impact and other matters involved in the industry.

    The Mayor of Georgetown invited Stanislav to the national show to speak on the topic of medical marijuana.  The show was interactive and many viewers called to speak out their minds and ask questions.  The TV show was so successful that the President later ordered it to be broadcasted nationwide for 3 days in a row.

Stanislav A Shamayev, medical marijuana business lawyer
With Georgetown Mayor

    GreenSpectrum is the company that holds itself to the highest international standards in the medical marijuana industry.  For this reason, GreenSpectrum in the face of its medical marijuana business lawyer, Stanislav A Shamayev, is recognized on the global scale.


Medical Marijuana Expo in Orlando, Florida, 2016.

Medical Marijuana Expo in Orlando, Florida, 2016.

Florida Attracts Medical Marijuana Businesses

    Medical marijuana businesses are soon to come to Florida.  Business expo and convention is a great place for people involved in the medical marijuana industry to get connected.  GreenSpectrum’s medical marijuana business attorney, Stanislav A Shamayev, attended the expo in Orlando, Florida, held on May 9-11, 2016.  One of a kind expo was the absolutely amazing event.  Hundreds of services and goods were presented by players from the industry.  Stanislav made it his purpose to network  and pull the best people into his team so the Firm’s clients get the best services and prices.


   Great connections were made in the spheres of building, growing, consulting, trimming, labeling, software products, and many others.  The Law Firm is fully armed to provide not only efficient legal advice but also give hands-on business consultancy in the medical marijuana industry.

    Clearly, the industry that is coming to Florida is going to be very business oriented.  This becomes quite obvious while analyzing the current laws and regulations that command the investors to post $5 million bond in order to operate medical marijuana businesses.  And that is on top of permit’s costs and, of course, the investment itself.  Such restrictions limit the pool of potential investors significantly.  Nevertheless, this approach is justified, as the State wants to make sure that investors are serious about their business decisions and are able to sustain in the market during the first 3-4 years before the industry goes into full force.

    GreenSpectrum is a unique law firm that does not only offer legal advice but also provides business advice and hands-on services directly connected to the application process and project sustainability in the market.

Medical Marijuana Industry Globally: Stanislav Shamayev, Esq. in Belize

Medical Marijuana Industry Globally: Stanislav Shamayev, Esq. in Belize

Medical Marijuana Industry in Belize

    The medical marijuana industry is rapidly growing globally.  On March 17, 2016, the Belizian government invited Stanislav A Shamayev to their country.  The purpose of the trip was to deliver an educational seminar to the governmental officials and the general public.  That seminar was attended by local businessmen, local authorities, governmental agencies, business people from the States, and even US Embassy representatives and Florida politicians.  Stanislav successfully delivered the presentation.  Many questions were asked and answered.

medical marijuana industry Stanislav Shamayev on medical marijuana mission in Belize

    In addition, the government sanctioned one-on-one sessions with cabinet ministers.  During the session, Stanislav provided legal and business advice on the topic of how to implement the medical marijuana regulations on the country scale.  Surprisingly, the cabinet ministers were quite familiar with this industry and opened to new ideas .  Some of them even shared their experience about the exposure to the US legal marijuana markets such as Colorado and Washington.  Stanislav proposed the coffee shop theme as a solution to boosting the Belizian economy, bringing tourists to the country, and isolating the industry from conservative groups.  The Amsterdam of Carribean term was coined for the marketing purposes.  Stanislav took his time to conduct a survey among local people talking to them about the cons and pros of the medical marijuana industry.  The Belizians were receptive to this idea, as opposed to the reports posted by the religious groups. Read more about the trip to Belize in the special report.

Stanislav Shamayev and medical marijuana in Belize
Belizean Cabinet ministers with Stanislav Shamayev

   This was the first international experience Stanislav Shamayev gained in 2016, which led to the second international trip in Guyana.



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