Stanislav A Shamayev, Esq.

Mr. Stanislav Shamayev is an attorney eligible to practice in Florida and Southern District of Florida. He graduated with honors from Florida Atlantic University with Bachelor of Arts in Criminology degree and received a Community Service Award. He also graduated Law School in Miami at top 5% of the class with Magna Cum Laude. Mr. Shamayev worked for the State and Federal governments providing legal services. Stanislav speaks English and Russian.
Mr. Shamayev has his own successful law practice. His practice exclusively focuses on medical marijuana laws and litigation in Florida and internationally. Mr. Shamayev has profound legal expertise in medical marijuana and industrial hemp regulations. In addition, he is certified in growing medical marijuana and has exceptional knowledge of the cannabis market overall. Stanislav conducted international missions to Belize and Guyana on government-sanctioned events and had the honor to advise the government officials on implementation of the medical marijuana and industrial hemp regulations. In those countries, Mr. Shamayev also consulted the local pro-regulation groups on how to most efficiently campaign for the change in the law.

Moreover, Stanislav is involved with medical marijuana regulations drafting in Florida.  He is in contact with many Florida lawmakers that have decision-making power over which legislation will pass the Senate and House floors.
Mr. Shamayev has written over a dozen, and counting, of analytical articles on medical marijuana laws. He is actively involved in the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties’ legal and business communities. He is a member of MDBA, BCBA, and Federal Bar Association. Mr. Shamayev is well-respected in the legal and business communities for professionalism, sharpness, and efficiency.



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