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License application process has two distinct phases. The first one is setting up business; the second one is license application process. GreenSpectrum provides legal assistance to new businesses and investors in starting medical marijuana companies for both phases.

The Firm assists in drafting corporate agreements, commercial leases, and financing documents and provides legal advice on successfully obtaining all required licenses and permits, locating properly zoned real estate, consulting on zoning issues, setting up business entities, funding the business and ultimately apply for medical marijuana license.

Florida is likely to provide about 5 types of licenses: growing, processing, transportation, dispensing, and testing lab licenses. Each of these licenses will have different requirements to fulfill. Also, the State will likely regulate the amount of licenses and the combinations of licenses to hold. For example, it is likely that testing lab license owner will not be able to possess any other licenses.

The Firm tracks day-to-day changes in the ever-changing medical marijuana laws and regulations. The Firm possesses extensive knowledge of state, federal, and local laws. These two ingredients ensure license application documents are in full compliance with all these regulations.


Without particular knowledge about the medical marijuana laws or how to become a medical marijuana patient, it can be confusing and even intimidating to begin your healing process with medicinal cannabis. The Firm will guide you throughout this process after careful analysis of your documentation and medical condition. The Firm will take care of the application process, so you can immediately obtain access to the relief.


Project design could be the first phase of the project where the project’s framework, key features, structure, model, and criteria for success are planned out. The main purpose of this phase is to balance out the legal aspects of the future business in accordance with the set goals. This is the foundation of your future medical marijuana business project. Whether your venture is a dispensary, cultivation, testing, transporting, or processing facility, GreenSpectrum will take care of your project’s legal business needs. The Firm will also ensure the project complies with the current state, county, and municipal regulations, which needs to be taken care of from the beginning of the project and inserted in the business plan.


Beyond start-up, GreenSpectrum helps clients understand and maintain full compliance with the complicated rules and regulations in this highly regulated industry. The Firm also helps clients in maintaining and expanding their businesses including assistance in securing additional funds; drafting employment agreements, vendor contracts, licensing agreements and any other transactional work required of a growing business.

GreenSpectrum also reviews any medical marijuana business documentation in pre-licensing, building, and operational stages on compliance with the State, County, and City regulations and requirements.


GreenSpectrum defends businesses against alleged rule violations and negotiating successful outcomes on the state, county, and municipality levels.  The Firm has the reputation for its passion to litigate and negotiate matters of medical marijuana business clients including commercial disputes, fee’s imposition, license revocation, administrative disputes and more.  The Firm will guide and represent clients who have been accused of violating the state and local regulations and laws governing medical marijuana businesses.

In case you are not satisfied with the outcome of the lawsuit, the Firm will take care of all your appellate needs.  The Firm will file, notice of appeal, appellate brief and argue zealously in the appellate court of your district.


Marijuana is still illegal under the Federal Law. The Law Firm will only provide legal advice on the issues relating to the existing and potential Florida medical marijuana laws.

The website has been designed for educational purposes. The website neither provides legal advice nor forms an attorney-client relationship.

Website visitors should neither act nor rely on the information provided on the website. Please contact the Law Firm to set an appointment.

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